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My classes are locked!

Are your classes locked? Here are a few reasons why that could be happening.

1. Your free trial has ended.
You need an active subscription to be able to access your classes. We’ve recently replaced the limited free version with a free 14-day trial including access to all of the content and features except printing, downloading and sharing comics. If you’ve signed up to an account prior to the free trial please email and we’ll activate a 14 day free trial for your account if it hasn't been activated yet.
Please note, we do not extend free trials or reactivate trials after the expiry date.

2. You've upgraded to the No Students Monthly subscription.
If you’ve recently upgraded and still can’t access your classes, it is likely that you’ve upgraded to the No Students Monthly plan. This plan doesn’t include classes and the comic maker feature for students, it is for Educators only. If you’d like plan that includes classrooms and access for students, you can upgrade to the Classroom Monthly or Yearly, by clicking on the settings cog/icon at the top right corner of the page and then into Upgrade, and selecting one of the Classroom plans as shown in this article: How to Change or Upgrade Your Subscription
Please see this article for our subscriptions options and pricing:
Subscription Options

3. You've upgraded to the Classroom plan and the content is still not showing.
Please log out, refresh then log back in as the website sometimes needs a refresh after a subscription has been purchased to show the changes on the account. If the issue persists, please see this article: If you get an error message and send us an email at , making sure to include the email address that’s associated with your account and the problem you’re encountering.