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If you get an error message

If you are experiencing an issue with Pixton or experiencing an error message, please send us a message with as much of the following, detailed information as necessary. In order for us to find out what is happening and figure out a solution, we need to try and recreate the problem on our end. 

  1. A screenshot of the error
  2. The email(s) associated with the account(s) that is experiencing the issue(s)
  3. Step by step directions of how/when this happens (a screetshot video would work helpful as well, you can use a program like Screencastify)
  4. (IMPORTANT) A screenshot of the JavaScript console – see instructions below
  1. On a Mac: Command + Option + J (Alternatively, in the browser go to View > Developer > JavaScript Console)
  2. On A Windows: Control + Shift + J
  1. On a Mac: Command + Option + C (Alternatively, in the browser go to Develop > Show Error Console) If you don't see the Develop menu, you'll need to turn it on using Safari Preferences. Open Safari > Preferences, and click on the Advanced Tab.
Mac: Windows:Screenshot to show the javascript console opened along the right side of a computer screen.