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Subscription Options

1. Educator account subscription options.

2. Business account subscription options.

3. Solo account subscription options. 

4. Parent account subscription options.



For Educators

Educator accounts are for teachers who wish to use Pixton with students or lesson ideas. If you're a School purchasing agent and would like to request a quote, please see this article: How to Request a Quote.

All of our subscriptions include access to:
- 200+ content packs.
- 4000+ backgrounds, characters, outfits, props, poses and expressions.
- Printing, Downloading and Sharing comics feature.
- 250+ pre-made lesson ideas using comics, which include exemplar comics which educators may save into their "My Comics" tab for editing or printing.

Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 11.35.53 AMsubscriptions-001subscriptions-002-1




For Pro UsersBusiness accounts are for users who wish to use it for business purposes or publishing/reselling using Pixton.

Screenshot shows all of the business account subscription options. Monthly Subscription, With Private Groups Subscription, Annual Subscription, and Reseller Subscription.

Not sure which subscription is best for your business? Email us at support at pixton dot com or check out our terms of use.

Pixton Terms of Use for Business Accounts.

For Solo StudentsSolo accounts are for users who are 13 years old or above and wish to try Pixton for fun. For more information please see: Age Gate - Solo Accounts.

Screenshot showing the solo subscription options. Access Everything monthly, and Annual All Access Plan.subscriptions-004-1

For Homeschool
Parents accounts are for users who have children below 13 years old or are homeschooling.

Screenshot showing the Parent or Homeschool subscription options.
Parent accounts can add as many children as are needed.