Teacher Wrong Account Type

How to get into the correct account type.

For Educators

If you are a teacher and you see Solo in the top left corner of the page when logged into your account, the incorrect account type has been created. Now you can change the account type from Solo to Educator as shown in this article: 

1. If you have a Student account, ask the teacher who's class you're in to delete your account. If the teacher who's class you joined doesn't have access to their account anymore, send us an email at support@pixton.com including the email address that is associated with your account, and confirm it is okay to delete considering that any comics on the account will be deleted as well. 

2. If you have a Solo account, follow these instructions to delete the account so you can create a new one as an educator.

Hello! Are you a teacher who accidentally created a Solo account or a student account? I can help you correct that!

If it says Student in the top left corner of the page, you'll need to ask the teacher who's class you joined to delete your student account.

Teachers should search Delete Student Account in the help center to find instructions to do so. The link is available below as well.

Instructions to delete student account from within teacher account: Delete Student Account.

If it says Solo at the top left corner of the page, you're able to correct this one yourself.

First you'll need to click on the settings cog icon at the top right corner of the page.

Then click My Account

Find the Delete Permanently button, and click it.

Then confirm, and log out of the account by clicking the settings icon again and then click Log Out.

Now that you've deleted the account that was occupying your email address, you can create a new account as an educator on the main page of the website.