Delete Student Account

How a teacher can delete a student's account.

If you are a teacher with a student account that you need to delete, please ask the teacher who's class you joined to delete your account by following these steps:

1. Click View Class.

2. Click Student's name in blue.

3. Click 3 dot menu.

4. Click Delete Student's Account.

5. Confirm.

P.S. If the teacher who initially added you to the class cannot access their account anymore, please send us an email at ensuring that you include the email address that is being occupied by the account and confirming that it is okay to delete the account, including the comics on it. 

Hello, are you a teacher looking to delete a student's account or another teacher's student account that was created accidentally?

Now you can, as long as the student account was created by joining your class!

Start by clicking View Class.

Click on the student's name in blue.

Look for the three dot menu in the top right corner of the page, and click to open it.

Image shows the opened three dot menu with options to Rename Student, Move to another class, Add to another class, Remove from this class, and Delete Student's Account. Click Delete Student's Account.

Image shows Warning message that the account will be permanently deleted, Click the red button that says Permanently Delete Student's Account.

The person who's student account is being deleted should ensure they're logged out of it before trying to create a new account using the same emai address.