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How to Request A Quote

We've updated our purchasing process so now you can request a quote and complete your purchase without waiting on us!

For Educators

How To Request A Quote:

1. Start at https://www.pixton.com/edu-quote

2. Fill out the form.

3. Wait for the quote to arrive to your email, it usually takes about an hour.

4. Quotes are valid for 90 days. After that period, you'll have to request a new quote.

How to Get A PDF Of Your Quote:

1. Open the email you received with the quote.

2. Click "Download this Quote as a PDF."

Are you looking to purchase an annual educator subscription for one or more teachers? Please start at forms dot pixton dot com slash edu dash quote

The link will bring you to a page where you'll be asked where is your school located, Canda, United States or Other.

Next you'll need to fill out the form with information such as Email Address, First Name, Last Name, School or District Name, School or District Address and the number of teachers you'd like to be quoted for. Then, click Email me this quote.

If the button is not bright red, please ensure you've filled out all of the fields to submit the form.When you receive the quote email, it will contain buttons to Pay By Credit Card, Pay By Check, Pay By Wire Transfer, Download the quote as a PDF or Generate a quote for a different number of teachers.

If you'd like to request a quote for a different amount of teachers, click on the link Generate A Quote For A Different Amount.

If you'd like to pay by credit card, click Pay By Credit Card.

If you click Pay By Credit Card, a new form will open up, pre-populated with the information you'd provided previously. Please ensure all of the information is correct, and if you need, you can change the email address in the top line to have the invoice sent to a different person. Then, click Continue to generate an invoice.

The invoice will be sent to you or the email address entered in the second form within about an hour, and you'll get a link that the teachers you're purchasing for can log into their accounts through to activate their accounts.

If you'll be paying with a check, click Pay By Cheque. If you're paying by check, you'll need to upload a purchase order to act as a promise of payment.

Clicking Pay By Check will open a second form where you can double check the information entered in the quote form, upload your purchase order and add in the purchase order number.

When you click Continue to generate an invoice, you'll receive an invoice within about an hour which you can then mail us a check for. You can change the email address in the top line to the person who should receive the invoice such as an Accounts Payable.

When you receive the invoice, you'll also get a link which the teachers who are using the license will be able to activate their accounts with.

If you'll be paying by wire transfer, click Pay By Wire Transfer.

How to Download a Quote as a PDF


Do you need a PDF copy of the quote you received? You're in luck!Now you can download one from within the quote email!

For instructions on completing your payment with a credit card please see:

How to Pay A Quote By Credit Card

For instructions on completing your payment with a check please see:

How to Pay A Quote With A Check

For instructions on completing your payment with a wire transfer please see:

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