Inactive Account Deletion

Why is Pixton deleting inactive accounts?

To protect our users’ privacy and security, it is our policy to delete any account that has not been used for over a year.

What happens when an account is deleted?

All user information, work, and activity associated with the account will be permanently deleted.

How can I prevent my Pixton account from being deleted?

If you received an email stating that your account will be deleted, please be sure to log in within 30 days if you would like to keep your account. Be sure to log in at least once a year to prevent your account from being deleted.

When will inactive Pixton accounts be deleted?

An inactive account will be deleted 30 days after an email notification is sent to the account owner.

What should I do if I want to delete my account?

If you received an email notification that your account will be deleted because of inactivity, no further steps are required of you.

What makes an account become inactive?

If you have not logged into your account at least once in the past year (365 consecutive days), your account is considered inactive and will be deleted from our system.

I recently used Pixton but still received an email that my account will be deleted. What does that mean?

If you recently used Pixton, we emailed you about a separate, inactive account. Please compare the email address on the account you recently used with the email address where you received the account deletion notice.

Will I be able to restore my account after it has been deleted due to inactivity?

No. Accounts deleted due to inactivity cannot be restored.

What about the student or child accounts under my Pixton account?

If you are an educator or parent and have received an email stating that your account is inactive, please consider any Student or Child accounts that may be connected to your account. If your account is deleted due to inactivity, then all of the Student or Child accounts linked to you will also be deleted, unless they are also linked to an active Educator account. If you would like to keep those Student or Child accounts, please log into your account.