How To Delete Your Account

Student accounts are the only account type that cannot be deleted from within the account.

If you have a Student account, your teacher will need to delete the account for you, and this article shows step by step instructions to do so: Delete Student 

If you have a Solo account, an Educator account, a Parent/Homeschool Account: you can delete your account yourself by following these few simple steps:

1. Click the settings icon.

2. Click My Account.

3. Click Delete Permanently.

4. Click Yes, Delete It Now

Are you wanting to delete your account? If you have a student account you cannot delete it yourself, but your teacher can!

If you have a Solo account, Educator account or Business account, you can delete it from within by following these steps!

First, click the settings cog icon at the top right corner of the page.

Then click My Account

Once you're in the My Account page, click Delete Permanently.

A warning will come up, and you'll need to confirm by clicking Yes, Delete It Now.