How To Use Pixton with Google Classroom

Here are some step by step instructions on using Pixton with Google Classroom.

For teachers assigning activities using Pixton:

1. Include the link to join your Pixton class in the instructions on the assignment. This will prevent issues caused by students logging in incorrectly. 

2. You'll be able to access student comics organized by student or by assignment. 

3. You may send this help article to your students if you'd like them to follow along, it only includes instructions to turn in an assignment.

For Students looking to learn how to turn in Pixton assignments on Google Classroom:

To turn in with a link:

1. In Pixton: generate a share link for your comic.

2. In Google Classroom: 

2a. Click on assignment.

2b. Click Add or Create.

2c. Click Link.

2d. Enter Link, then click Add Link.

To turn in as a file:

1. In Pixton: Download your comic.

2. In Google Classroom:

2a. Click on assignment.

2b. Click Add or Create.

2c. Click File.

2d. Browse to select file, then click Open.

To best integrate Pixton Comics with Google Classroom, we suggest including your Pixton class's Login Link or Join Link in the instructions for the assignment you create.

Image shows an example of an assignment created in Google Classroom including instructions for students to join their class, create their avatars and create a three panel comic.

That way, students can open the link directly from the assignment to join your class. This should prevent and issues when logging in.

When students open the assignment, they should see the instructions you've provided on the left, and this section to add or create the assignment, or mark it as done.

Comics can be turned in two different ways, and I'll explain both!

To upload the comic into the assignment as a link first generate a share link if you haven't already, then click these rectangles to copy it.

Open up your assignment in Google Classroom, Click Link then paste your share link in there and click Add Link.

To upload the comic into the assignment as a file, first click Download in Pixton on the comic to download it.

Open up your assignment in Google Classroom and click File, then browse to select the file you'd like to upload, and click Open.

And Voila! You've turned your Pixton Comic into your Google Classroom assignment.