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How to Pay A Quote With A Check

How you can pay a quote with a check.

For Educators​If you haven't already requested a quote, please do so by clicking here. The quote may take about an hour to arrive in the inbox of the email address that is entered in the quote form. ALL PURCHASE ORDERS MUST INCLUDE THE BEST EMAIL ADDRESS TO REACH OUT TO REGARDING PAYMENT IN CASE OF ANY ISSUES.

Note to US customers: Unfortunately we cannot accept payments by ACH because we’re based in Canada and do not have a bank account in the United States.**

1. Click Pay by Check.

2. Upload a Purchase Order, enter the Purchase Order number and click Generate Invoice.

3. Wait for the invoice to arrive to your email, which you can mail a check for.

4. Keep an eye out for the Teacher Join Link and share it with the teacher(s) whose account(s) need to be activated.

The bottom of your quote email will include buttons to Pay By Credit Card, Pay By Check, Pay By Wire Transfer, Download your quote as a PDF, and generate a quote for a different amount.

If you'd like to request a quote for a different amount of teachers, click Generate a quote for a different amount.

If you'll be paying with a check, click Pay By Check. This does require a purchase order.

Clicking Pay By Check will open a form with the information entered when you generated the quote. You'll need to double check the information, upload a purchase order and enter the purchase order number.

When you click Continue, generate an invoice, you'll receive an invoice in about an hour which you can then mail us a check for. You can change the email address to the person who should receive the invoice, such as accounts payable.

When you receive the invoice, you'll also get a link which the teachers who are using the license can login through to activate their accounts.