How to Remix Comics for Business Accounts (Private Groups Subscription Only)

How to allow group embers to Remix Comics if you have a Business Private Groups subscription.

For Pro Users Only.

Also see: How to Create Private Groups.

  1. Select the comic you'd like to share with group members.
  2. Click on the Share button of the comic you'd like to remix.
  3. Click on Allow Remixing at the top right.
  4. Group members should login before opening the comic link.
  5. Share comic link with group members.
  6. Group members should click on Remix This Comic.
  7. Comic should appear in their dashboard, click the Edit button to begin editing comic.

Hi there! Would you like to know how you can allow a member of your private groups to edit your comic? I'll show you how!Please note, this feature is only available if you have an active subscription.To begin, login to your account then select the My Comics tab. Click on the Share button of the comic you'd like others to remix.Click the Allow Remixing button, once it's selected it will have a green check mark in front of it.Next, share the comic link with your team mates!At the bottom of the comic you will find a red button that says Remix this Comic, click on this button.Once they click on Remix this comic, the comic will appear in the dashboard. Enter the comic maker start editing the comic!