How to Create a Private Group (Business Accounts Only)

Learn how to create a Private Group for your team members or clients with your Business Account

These instructions are for Business Accounts Only.
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click into the My Private Groups tab.
  3. Click Create New Private Group or New Group.
  4. Name the group.
  5. Select special options for the avatar maker.
  6. Add Members.
  7. Share Join Link.
  8. Use the same username added on Step 6 to login as a Group Member.
  9. Groups Members will be prompted to create their avatars.
Hello! Do you want to know how to create Private Groups with a Business Account? I can help!Start by logging into your account. Click ino the My Private Groups tab or the purple Private Groups button in your Dashboard.Then click Create My First Private Group or New Group on the top right.The first step is to choose a name for your group.Next select the options for the avatar maker.Next Add the Group membersOnce those steps are completed you will get a login link that the group members should use to login.Once the group members follow the login link they will need to add the username assigned to them in the previous step,Now your group members can start making comics!