How To Insert Comics Into Google Slides

This article shows how you can upload or paste your comic into a Google Slide.

You can include your Pixton Comic in a Google Slide by following these steps:

Option A: Pasting Each Slide Individually

1. Generate link to share comic.

2. Copy that link by clicking the 2 hollow rectangles next to it.

3. Open comic share link in a new tab.

4. Right Click on the image you'd like to copy first, and click Copy.

5. Open Google Slides.

6. Right Click and then click Paste.

Option B: Inserting the full comic at once.

1. Download your comic.

2. Open Google Slides.

3. Click Insert

4. Move your mouse over to Image.

5. Click Upload from Computer.

6. Select comic file and click Open

You can add your comics into Google Slides either by generating a link to share your comic and copying and pasting the image or images into the google slide.

Generate a share link for your comic if you haven't already.

Open that link in a new tab, then your comic will open.

Right click to copy your image, and head over to Google Slides.

Right click again, in your Google Slide and click Paste.

Now you've pasted an individual slide, you can follow these steps to paste the rest of your slides too.

Or you can download the comic by clicking Download.

Then in Google Slides, click Insert at the top bar, then toggle over Image, and click Upload from computer.

After selecting the file and clicking Open, your full comic will be entered into the Google Slide.

For the finishing touches, you can resize your comic or click and drag to move it where you want!

For more step by step instructions on downloading your comic or generating a share link, see this article.