How To Download, Print or Share a Comic

You need an active subscription to be able to download, print and share comics

You can download, print or share a comic with an active subscription.

1. Click into comic.

2. Click Print, Download, or Share Button.

3. Choose Layout if you chose to Print or Download.

4. Copy Link or Share to one of the share options if you chose to Share. 

Hello! Are you ready to learn how to download, print and share your comics?

First you'll need to ensure you have access to the download, print and share option, it'll unlock with any subscription.

Now you'll need to click on the My Comics tab and then select the comic you'd like to print, download or share. Click anywhere on the comic you wish to share or download to open it.

Once you've opened your comic, look to the top right corner of the screen for Download, Print and Share buttons.

When you click Download, you should see these options. The one you choose will determine the layout that your comic downloads in. The options are 1, 2 or 3 panels wide, going either down or to the right.

When you click Print, you should see the option to choose Comic Strip or Graphic Novel.

Except if you have an uploaded image or non Indo-European text in the slides, then unfortunately the Graphic Novel option will not be available.

If you'd like to share to social media or send a link to a friend, click the Share button.

That will generate a link for your comic, then you can send it to a friend or share to socials by clicking one of these social media platform buttons.

To copy the link, click on the two hollow rectangles.