How to Add Words (Text/Dialogue) to Your Comic

To add words to a panel:

  1. Click the Words tab at the top of the Comic Maker.
  2. Click either Add/Change Caption or Add/Change Words for a specific character.
    For more on Captions, click here.
    Screenshot of the Words tab in the comic maker.
    Hello, do you want to learn about the different text bubble options? First, you'll need to have a character included in your slide to add text bubbles. Then click into the Words tab and click Add Words. You'll be brought to a window with a text line, type in what you'd like the bubble to say. If you choose Speech from the drop down, your speech bubble will be a smooth oval or round. If you choose Thought, your thought bubble will look like a cloud with circles going up from to it from your character's head. If you choose Shout, your shout bubble will be orange with spikes or jagged edges all around it. If you choose Whisper, your whisper bubble will be translucent and the shape will be similar to the speech bubbles, though the shape will show with broken lines. You can edit the words as well as the bubble type by clicking into the Words tab and then clicking Change Words.