How to add captions and caption options.

To add a caption to a panel:

  1. Click the Words tab.
  2. Click the Add Caption button.
  3. Type your text into the add text field.
  4. Click the checkmark button that appears at the top of the menu. This will add your text to the panel.

Learn how to add caption to your comics.

Click on the Words tab then select the Add Caption option.

Type in your caption on the text line.

You can change the caption types at the top of the text bar. If you choose the first option...

Image shows a caption at the top of the comic panel.

If you choose the middle option, your caption will be centred in the middle of the page and the background chosen won't show behind it.

Image shows caption centred in the middle of the page.
To see how you can change the caption background, click here.

If you choose the right most option, your caption will go to the bottom of the panel.

Image shows a panel with the caption at the bottom.