Pixton App in Canva

How to use the Pixton App in Canva

To Use The Pixton App within Canva:

1. Ensure App is integrated (instructions below)

2. Open App.

3. Search & Select Character.

4. Resize, move, etc. 

Hello, would you like to use the Pixton app within Canva?

In the Canva app, click create a design then select Poster just to add the Pixton app

You should see the templates selection page in the Canva app

Scroll down to the bottom, click on the option More

Click on the search bar at the top and type Pixton

Click on the Pixton icon once it comes up in the search reasults

Now you should see a Pixton option in the tab on the left side of the screen

Click on the search bar in the Pixton menu to search for anything you'd like

When you click on a character they'll be added to your poster. Click on the circles around the corners of the character to resize them

You can add another Character