How to Move Characters And Text Bubbles

You can move your characters and text bubbles around in the slide by following these steps:

1. Hold and click for a long second before dragging

2. Adjust bit by bit if the comic maker moves the item from where you drop it.

Would you like instructions on how to move your characters and text bubbles within your comic slides? Whether you are moving a text bubble or a character, you'll need to click on what you want to move and hold for a second before dragging. Take it slow with moving things around, if you try to drag something too quickly after clicking on it, it won't move the way you want it to.If you're having trouble, hold the ALT key then hold the item you want to move around. You can move characters into the sky if you want! Sometimes your character will be in a position that makes it a little harder to place text bubbles and they might show up like this, far away from the character and not placed well. But that is okay because we can move them wherever we want! Remember to click and hold for a couple of seconds, then drag the asset around the panel.