Maximum Number of Panels

If you get an error message when trying to add another panel to your comic, you've probably hit the max.

The maximum number of panels that can be created per comic is 100. This is because very large comics may cause lagging issues and cause you to have trouble downloading or printing your comic. 

Solution/ Workaround: If you're working on a comic that needs to be more than 100 panels, please split it into different comics. Here's our suggestion:
1. Rename your comic's title to include Part 1, etc. by clicking on your comic's title within the comic maker. 
2. Copy the panel you want to start your new comic with, as shown in this article: How to Copy and Paste a Panel.

3. Click Done to exit the comic maker in your Part 1.

4. Click the New Comic button.

5. Click on the 3 dot menu on the first panel in the new comic, and click Paste Comic (also shown in the help article linked above.)

This will allow you to copy over the background and characters you left off with in your Part 1. Name the new comic to include Part 2.