Joining A Class With Your Username

How to join a class created by your teacher with the username option.

For Educators

1. If you did not get a username and a link from your teacher, ask for those first. 

2. Click the Login Link.

3. Type in the Username your teacher sent you.

4. Create your avatar - if you get stuck at any point, make sure you've clicked on one of the options.

5. Start on a comic.

If you need to join a class that was created with the username option, your teacher should have given you a link and username. If not, ask for that first.

If you click the link your teacher gave you, you should see a screen that says "Hello Students, type username here." Type in the username your teacher gave you, and click Log In.

Now you can make your avatar!

If you get stuck on any of the steps, make sure you've clicked on of the options. Then the arrow to move on should appear.

Once you're finished with your avatar, click continue and then you can start working on a comic!