Rate Your Comic

How to rate your comic and where to find the interactive rubric.

1. Click Edit or Create new comic.

2. Click on Rate this comic at the top right.

3. Select your choices for each category.

4. To print, click Print this page as a rubric.

Would you like to rate your comic? I'll show you where to find our interactive rubric!Open the comic you'd like to rate by clicking on the Edit button below the comic.In the comi maker, click the Rate This Comic button at the top right hand sight.Picture showing the Interactive Rubric and the options Oops, Fair, Fine and Mint. Select the your choice for each category.Once you've selected all of the categories you will get your comic rating. The picture shows the final rating of Fine.You can also print it as Rubric, picture shows the button Print this Page as a Rubric.Your selections will come up bold on the printing file. It's a great tool for self or peer asessment. Picture shows Pixton Rubric and Criteria and the selections for each criteria in bold letters.