How to use Pixton Add-In With PowerPoint

This article shows visual step by step instructions to use the Pixton Add-In with PowerPoint.

To Use the Pixton Comics Add-in in PowerPoint:

1. Ensure the Add-in is installed, instructions below.

2. Open Add-in.

3. Create Character, or select Recent character.

4. Click and drag to move.

Would you like to use the Pixton Add-In with PowerPoint?

First, open a new presentation in PowerPoint and click into the Insert tab along the top.

Click the three dot menu in the top right corner of your PowerPoint presentation.

Then click Add-Ins.

If you don't have the add-in yet, make sure you're in the store tab and search Pixton, and then click Add beside Pixton Comic Characters.

If you've already added the Add-In, you should be able to access it by clicking into My Add-Ins and then click Pixton Comic Characters.

Now that you have the Add-In, go back to your blank presentation and click the three dots again, this time in the Home tab. Pixton Characters should be at the bottom of the list, click on that.

The Pixton Characters Welcome window will come up, and you just need to click Get Started.

Now select your base character.

Choose a skin tone and a hair color.

Select a hairstyle.

Pick an outfit.

And last but not least, choose your pose!

Once you click on the pose you want, your character will appear in your slide!

Now the next time you open the Pixton Add-In with PowerPoint, you'll be able to find the character you created under the Recent tab.

To add a comic into your PowerPoint presentation, generate a share link and then open that in a new tab. Click on the Share button to generate a share link.

Click the two rectangles to copy the link that was generated.

Now that you have your comic opened, right click on the slide you'd like to add to your presentation, and copy it.

Then go back to your presentation, and right click to paste the image in the PowerPoint.

Make adjustments to the placement as needed, and you're done!