Special Keyboard In Comic Text

How to use math symbols and accent characters in your captions or text bubbles.

You can include symbols which are not possible to type in your captions and text bubbles by following these few steps:

1. Select the Words tab in the comic maker.

2. Click Add Caption or Add Words.

3. Click on the symbol on the keyboard below the dialogue box.

4. Click Add Caption or Add Words.

5. Click the checkmark symbol to add words to the panel.

Are you looking for math symbols of special accent characters to add to your speech bubbles and captions? I'll show you where to find them.

To start, in the comic maker click on the Words tab at the top right.

In the Words tab, click on Add Caption or Add Words if you've added a Character previously.

Voila! The Accents and Math keyboard should be at the bottom of the dialogue word box.

Select Math option on the right to access the math symbols.That's how you access the special characters keyboard! Image shows a student thinking how much is Pi. Caption words: How much is Pi?