How To Switch Your Account Type

Did you create the incorrect account type?

For Educators

To change/switch your account type (between Educator, Solo and Parent) follow these steps:

1. Click the settings icon

2. Click My Account

3. Click Choose Version

4. Select Version

5. Click Yes, Change It.

Did you create the wrong account type? You can change it from within your account type.To change your account type first you need to click the settings icon, the cog icon at the top right. Then Select the My Account option from the dropdown menu.

Then select Choose Version, ensure you understand what will happen when you change account types. Click Choose Version button.

A dropdown menu will appear then select the account type then click Yes, Change It Now.

To switch from an educator account to a student account, follow the instructions in this article: Joining A Class With Your Email Address, that should automatically switch your account type to a student in the class you join. 


To switch from a student account to an educator account, please send us an email at