How To Rename A Student

For Educators

Teachers are the only ones who are able to rename students. Here are the steps to do it. 

1. Click View Class

2. Click on a students avatar

3. Click the 3 dot menu in the upper right of the screen to open the menu. 

4. Click rename student.

5. Enter the new name and hit save

If you need to rename a student who is in your classroom, start by clicking into the classroom that the student is in.

Then, click on the student's name in blue. This will show you the comics that student has created in that classroom.

Look for the three dot menu in the top right corner of the page, and click to open it.

In that menu you'll have the options to rename the student, move the student to another class, add the student to another class, or remove the student from this class.

Image shows a the three dot menu options, with a character pointing to the Rename Student option.

After you click on Rename Student, you can edit the name and then click Save.