How to Remix Comics from Lesson Ideas

How you can add pre-made comics from the Lesson Ideas page to your Dashboard and edit them in the comic maker.

  1. Login and enter the Lesson Ideas page.
  2. Find the Comic lesson you'd like to add to start editing.
  3. Click the Remix this Comic button below the comic strip.
  4. Click on the Edit button.

Hello! Are you looking for Lesson Ideas and how to edit them? I can help!In the My Dashboard tab click on the button Lesson Ideas on the left hand side. You'll see the How to Teach With Comics page where you can find lessons from other educators who use comics in their classes. You can search by grade, subject or keywords.Once you've found a comic lesson you'd like, scroll to the comic panels and click the Add To My Comics button below the comic strip.The comic will then appear under your My Comics tab. Click the pencil or the Edit button to start editing it.You can Allow Remixing on your own comics and send the link to your students!Once the student open the comic link they will see the Remix This Comic button.Once they click on Remix This Comic, the comic will appear under their My Comics tab. Click on the edit button to start working on it!