How to Publish Draft Comics

1. Click on the Draft comic.

2. Click on the Publish button at the top right.

3. You can always edit your comic again at any time.

I am about to explain how you can change your draft comics to Published comics.When you create a new comic it will be saved as a Draft. Comics saved as a draft have a black background.Click on the draft comic to enter the comic viewing screen. Now you can click on the Edit button to return to the comic maker or click on the Publish button.Your published comics will now have a white background. You can always edit the comic again at any time you'd like.As a teacher, your student comics will be in this order: Published, Viewed and Draft.You can change your students' comics back to Draft by clicking on the 3 dot menu and then selecting the option "Set This Comic To Draft" from the drop-down menu.