How To Get Set Up As A Teacher

For Educators Follow these steps to setup an educator account on Pixton EDU. 
  1. Go to and click sign up
  2. Click Educator.
  3. Create your avatar.
  4. Create your first classroom so you can add students. 
  5. Choose a log in method for your students. (we HIGHLY recommend logging in with Google or Microsoft) 
  6. Copy and send your join or login link to your students. 
  7. Add a co-teacher if you like. (Max 2)

How can I get my class set up with Pixton? Go to Pixton's website and create your Educator account if you haven't already.First create your avatar by making selections each step of the way and then click Done. After creating your avatar you will be taken to your dashboard by default,  select My Classrooms tab to start creating classes and My Comics tab to create comics.

Click on Create My First Classroom to create your class. Now we need to give our classroom a name. Let's select the appropriate grade for our students. It's easiest if we select the option for our students to join with their Google IDs. You can copy this link and send it to the students who will be joining this class. You can also copy the link by clicking the two rectangles beside the link. Make sure you only send the class link to the students who need to be in that classroom and be careful not to share this link publicly. Time to add my co-teacher to the class! We'll need to click into the classroom first. Click View Class. Once we're in the classroom, we'll look for the three vertical dots below the settings cog icon, and click to open that three dot menu. Image showing the open three dot menu with options to Edit Classroom Details, Add Co-Teacher, Deactivate Class and Delete Class. Click Add Co-Teacher. Next, click Generate Link. Share the link with your co-teacher, they should log into their account through that link. The co-teacher was able to join the class.