How to Find a Content Pack & Assets

How to search for content packs and their assets.

To select a content pack within the comic maker:

  1. Click on a tab such as the Background tab.
  2. Click the Search Bar icon at the top of the content menu. 
  3. Start by typing #. You should be able to see some content packs now.
  4. Click the content pack of your choice. While it’s selected, only this pack’s assets will appear in the comic maker.
  5. You can search for keywords as well such as "beach" or "school.
  6. You can do this for Backgrounds, Characters, Outfits, Faces, Actions and Creatures.

Hello, do you want to know how to search for and select content packs?Starting on the Backgrounds tab within the comic maker, click on the search bar icon.Type the hashtag symbol and you'll get a list of all of the content packs by their keywords in alphabetical order, starting with numbers.Select the keyword to see all of the options for that keyword.