How To Edit Your Own Comic

This article shows how you can make changes or continue work on your comic.

To edit your comic:

1. Click into My Comics tab.

2. Click red Edit button (may show the word Edit or a pen/pencil icon)

3. Click Done when finished to save changes. 

To remove comic slides check out this article.

Are you struggling to find how to edit your own comic?All account types have the My Comics tab, to find your own comics or to create a new comic, click on the tab that say My Comics.

Once you're in the My Comics tab, you should all of your comics laid out in rows, with the most recent comics at the top. Click on the comic you wish to edit to open it.

Once the comic is open, click the Edit button on the top right.The Comic creator will be open, now you can make any changes you'd like and then click Done when you're ready to exit the comic maker. Your changes will be saved automatically.