How To Edit Class/Group Details

How to edit the name, grade level and available features for your class.

For Educators

Educators can make the following changes in Group Details:

1. Edit class name.

2. Edit class grade level.

3. Edit subject area, (if class is grade 7 or higher)

4. Allow access to wheelchairs, hearing aids and/or the non-binary avatar option.

5. Block or unblock more mature contents by category. 

To do so:

1. Click "View Class"

2. Open the 3 dot menu in the top right corner of your class.

3. Click "Edit Classroom Details" 

4. Continue through steps as prompted. 

Image shows dropdown class menu when you click the 3 vertical dots on top right in class page

Image shows class details asking to choose a name then click the next button on the bottom

Image shows class details to select the grade, select from kindergarten to Post Secondary and click continue

Image shows subject selection class details, only grades 7 and above have this step, select and click continue

Image shows options for student avatar maker, includes Show Wheelchair Show Hearing Aids and Show Option for Non-Binary Gender and Animal avatars


For a better idea of what is included in each category, check out these help articles:
Potentially sensitive content: Religion
Potentially sensitive content: Sexuality
Potentially sensitive content: Anatomy
Potentially sensitive content: Weapons & Conflict
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