How To Edit Family Details

How to edit the grade level and available features for your child.

Parents can make the following changes in Family Details:

1. Edit child grade level.

2. Allow access to wheelchairs and hearing aids in avatar maker.

To do so: 

1. Click to open 3 dot menu.

2. Click Edit Family Details.

3. Continue through steps as prompted.

Users with Parent accounts are now able to edit the Family Details, and I'll explain how!

From the Dashboard that you'll be brought to when you log into your account, click to open the three dot menu in the top right corner of the page.

If you click Edit Family Details, you'll be prompted to go through these following steps.

Select a Grade level. More than one grade level can be selected at a time, and you can either edit the grade level of your children or continue.

At this step, you can control which special options will be available in the avatar creator. Image shows a prompt with the special options: Show wheelchairs, Show hearing aids and Show option for non-binary gender.

Then you cna pick which mature settings you'd like your children to have access to within the comic maker.