How to Create Your Avatar

Learn how to create your avatar

1. Click on the avatar maker icon.

2. Select your options.

3. Click done.

4. Make sure to go through every step or some options won't come up. Please see: Avatar Maker Not Letting You Move On.

Hi there, are you looking for the avatar maker? Let's see how to create your avatar!To enter the avatar maker, click on the blue circle before your name on the top right of the page!This screen should come up, it is the first step in the avatar maker. Screen shown is the option to select Ages.Then select your choices! The basic version of the avatar maker will be the default option.To switch to the Advanced version of the avatar maker just toggle the button at the top left.When you're finished, click Done.Now your avatar will show up in the blue circle next to your name. Click on it anytime you'd like to edit your avatar.

To Edit or Download your Avatar please see: Edit or Download Avatar.