How to Change the Layout Order of Characters in a Panel

How to change the order of characters in your slide.

To change the layout order of characters in a panel:

  1. Click the Characters tab.
  2. Click and drag a Reorder Characters icon (to the left of a character’s thumbnail image) up or down to change the layout order of the characters in your panel.

    We're about to show you how to change the order of the characters in your comics. Pixton Support Character and Student Character stand in front in a classroom.Click on the Characters tab within the comic maker then select In This Comic option. You'll see six dots on the left of each character that's been added to your comic. Click and drag these dots to change the order, the character on the top will be the first one in the comic panel order.Picture now shows Student Character in the front within the comic maker options.Comic panel shows Student Character now first and Pixton Support Character second.