How to Change the Focus (Point of View) of a Panel

To change the focus (point of view) of a panel:

  1. Select a Background.
  2. Add a Character.
  3. Click into the "Focus" tab.
  4. Choose Regular, Dramatic or Location Focus options
  5. Play around and see what you like!
  1. Hi, I am going to show you what you can do with the Focus tab.

    Image shows the same background with a different Focus, a closer up

    If you choose a background with a desk or chair, chances are you'll be able to make your character sit.

    In the Focus tab there are three other tabs, Regular, Dramatic and Location. The Regular focus is the first option we will choose.

    Imgae shows character sitting on a desk using a computer, it is the same background with a different focus

    Image shows background search for the tag "table.

    Image shows a background with a dinner table

    Image shows Focus tab, Regular options and options for character sitting on table, select this option.

    The same background with a different focus, image shows character sitting on the dinner table. For the next slide, let's add a friend to dine with.

    Add the character and then select the Focus tab.

    The focus options will differ depending on the backgrounds and how many characters are in the slide.

    Image shows two characters sitting at the dinner table, one character asks if they can add more characters.

    There is a limit of 2 characters for this particular background. Focus options vary depending on the background. Check out the focus options available on the backgrounds you like most!