How to Change a Character’s Eye Direction (Gaze)

To change the eye direction (gaze) of a character:

  1. Click the Faces tab.
  2. Click the Change Face button of a character you’d like to change the gaze of.
  3. Click the Eye Direction icon. This will open a menu of eye gazes.
  4. Click the eye gaze of your choice.
    Screenshot showing eye button to change the eye direction of a character, within the Faces tab in the comic maker.
    Hey, over here! Do you want to know how you can change the direction of your character's eyes? We'll start by choosing a background and adding our characters. Now that there are two of us, let's show everyone how we can direct our eyes. Okay! First, we need to go to the faces tab. Now we'll click Change Face. Then we need to click on the eye in this green circle. That will show us all of the eye direction options. If you don't choose one, the eyes will adjust to be looking at the other character in the slide. Image shows one character much lower than the other, with them looking down and up at each other. All that was done was moving one character lower, and the eyes adjusted. Let's try some of the other options! Now we're both looking to our right, maybe we're placing our lunch order. The server moved to the other side of the table, so we've adjusted our eyes to look at them. The upward facing eyes could do a good job of conveying irritation, it looks like I'm rolling my eyes or looking at a skylight in the ceiling! This is a good feature to use when you want your characters looking at different things too, since you can adjust the direction of each character's eyes.