How to Add Weather Effects to a Panel

To add weather effects to a panel:

  1. Click the Weather icon below the panel at the right. This will open a menu of weather effects to choose from.
  2. Click the weather effect of your choice.
    Screenshot showing a cloud with rain icon, this allows you to add weather effects to any panel with any background.

    Lets talk about weather! We have lots of cool weather effects that you can add on top of any background.

    Even though I'm standing in front of a rainbow on a sunny day, check out how we can add weather effects on top!

    Let's try it out! On the bar underneath the panel you're working on, there's a cloud with rain coming from it. Click ont that!

    The weather effects will show in a list on the left side of the comic maker. Some will be more or less appropriate depending on the background you're working with.

    For this one, I selected the windy option with leaves blowing around. How will you make use of the weather effects?