How to Add Visual Sound Effects (Onomatopoeia) to a Panel

To add visual sound effects (onomatopoeia) into a panel:

  1. Click the Onomatopoeia icon below the panel at the right side. This will open a menu of graphics to choose from.
  2. Click the graphic of your choice; it will appear in your panel. Click-and-drag the graphic to move it.
    Image shows comic maker bottom panel select the exclamation point icon

    We have some onomatopoeia built in option in the comic maker and I'll tell you how to find them!

    Select the exclamation point icon on the grey bar below your comic panel to the right

    Click on the onomatopoeia icon you'd like and it will appear in the comic panel, to move it click and hold for a second then drag and drop it where you want it!

    If the onomatopoeia icon is dark, there is no onomatopoeia selected.

    If the onomatopoeia icon is white, you have an onomatopoeia selected. To remove, click on the exclamation icon again and then click on the circle with the line through it.