How to Add Effects to a Character

To add effects to a character:

  1. Click the Actions tab.
  2. Click the Change Action button of a character you’d like to add effects to.
  3. Click on Effect. This will open a menu of character effects to choose from.
  4. Click the character effect of your choice.

To remove: 

  1. Click into into the Actions tab.
  2. Click on Effects.
  3. Click the circle with the line through it to remove.

Would you like to add special effects to a character? I'll explain to you how

First you'll need to add a character to the panel.

Select the Actions tab, the click on Effects.Click the Change Effect button next to the character you wish to add the effect to.

The options will appear to add to the character, image shows different colors special effects and lighting bolt options

Image shows examples of special effect, a red and yellow spiked effect surrounds the characterTo remove the effect, click on the circle with a line in the middle.