How to Add an Action (Pose) to Your Character

To change the action (pose) of a character:

  1. Add a Character to your comics.
  2. Click the Actions tab on the left of the Comic Maker.
  3. Click Change Action.
  4. Select the Action (Pose).

Hello I'm going to tell you what you can do with poses

Once you've added your character to the panel, click into the Actions tab. Then, click on Body Poses below it.Click Change Action button next to the character you wish to change the action.

You should see all of the poses now. All poses will be facing right by default.

The direction of the characters is selected on the top left above the poses, there are three options: right, center and left.

When you click the left option all of the poses are shown to the left, Character is now facing the left because that option is currently selected.

Click on the middle pose to have your characters face forward

action_poses-008You can search for keywords by clicking on the search bar icon at the top of the poses or select on of the pre existing keywords to the right.You can search for as many keywords you'd like which will narrow down your search.