How to Add a Unique Color Overlay (Filter) to a Panel or Create Coloring Pages

To add a color overlay to a panel:

  1. Click on the Color Overlay icon below the panel at the right.
  2. Click the color overlay of your choice.
    Screenshot showing the color overlay icon at the bottom of the page, underneath the panel that's being worked on.

    If you'd like to create coloring pages, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open comic maker.

    2. Select a background.

    3. Click the hollow rectangle with the stars in it just below the slide you're on.

    4. Select the black and white option (you may need to scroll to the bottom, there is an option with more black than white, and an option with more white than black)

    Hello, would you like to create coloring pages using the comic maker?

    First, select the background you like.

    Just below the comic panel you're working on, click on the two intertwined circles.

    Then, choose any color combination you like, or the white one with the black outline to create a coloring page.

    If you want to add the colors back in, click the circle with the diagonal line through it to remove the filter.