How to Add a Prop to a Character’s Hand

To add a prop to a character’s hand:

  1. Click the Actions tab.
  2. Click the Handheld Props button of a character you’d like to add a prop to.
  3. Click the Left Hand Prop icon or Right Hand Prop icon, according to the hand you’d like to add a prop into.
  4. Click the prop of your choice.

Hello! Do you want to know how to add props into the hands of your characters?

Start by choosing a background and adding your character into the slide.

Then click into the Actions tab and select the Handheld Props option.

Click the Change Object button next to the character you'd like to add the object to.You should see all of the handheld props options now. Select the prop you'd like to add to a Character's hand.

You can change which hand is holding the prop by clicking on Left Hand or Right Hand buttons at the top.

You can search for objects by clicking on the search bar icon at the top.

Image shows props being used in a garden setting. You can add props to either one, or both hands! I'm getting ready to do some gardening!

Image shows Cinderella inspired image with a character holding a glass shoe. The character says "Wait! Is this your shoe?"

Yes it is, thank you! I thought I had lost it!

My hero!