How to Add a Child as a Parent

How to get your child set up to make comics

1. Login or Sign Up for a Parent account at

2. Click "I'm ready to add them" or "Add Child".

3. Add Name for child. Click Next.

4. Once the join link is generated use that for the child to login.

5. Input Name chosen for Child. They should be prompted to make their avatar.

Hello, here are instructions to add a child to your parent account!Start by logging in, then click I'm ready to add them. If you already have children added, simply click on Add Child.Enter the name of your child, and click Continue.If you have more than one child to add, keep adding them here. When you're all done, click Continue one more time.Then you'll be provided with a join link. Your children can use this link to log in to make comics. Make sure to save the link!You can always access the link by clicking on Child Login Info.When you copy and paste the link in your browser the child will be prompted to enter their name to log in. Then all they have to do is start working on their comics!