How to Add a Background-Spanning Effect to a Panel

To add a background effect to a panel:

  1. Click on the Background Effect icon below the panel at the right.
  2. Click the background effect of your choice.
    Screenshot showing a spiral icon below the panel that's being worked on within the comic maker.

    Introducing background effects! Have you ever wanted to find a background to use that isn't as much of a scene, but more of a pattern or backdrop? Here's how!

    Open the comic maker, and on the bottom bar click the spiral or twist icon.

    Then background effects will show on the left side.

    If you select one, it'll override any background present in that slide.

    If you want to remove a background effect, you'll need to click the twist or swirl icon again and then click the gray circle with the diagonal line through it to remove the effect.


    To remove, see this article.