Focus: Dramatic

How to use and find the Dramatic Focus options.

  1. After adding a background, click the Focus tab at the top of the Comic Maker. This will open the focus menu.
  2. Choose Regular or Location Focus options. If you have a Character added you will also see the Dramatic Focus option.
  3. Click the focus of your choice.

Introducing: Dramatic Focus! Image shows three dark silhouettes with a star background effect.Introducing our new Dramatic Focus option. Image shows a dark silhouette on a green background.I'll show you how to access the Dramatic Focus optionsTo access the Dramatic Focus, start by selecting a Background in the Background tab.Select the Focus tab, then click Dramatic, you will see all the dramatic focus options for that background.Select the dramatic focus you'd like and it should come up on the panel in the comic maker. Image shows a dark silhouette standing on a green background.You can add other characters, change their actions and add effects. The sky's the limit! Image shows two dark silhouettes battleing in front of an electrical explosion background effect.