How To Duplicate or Delete A Student's Comic

For Educators

Teachers are able to delete whole comics for students, whereas students are only able to delete individual comic slides.

1. Click View Class.

2. Click on the student's name or avatar.

3. Click on the comic to be duplicated or deleted.

4. Click the 3 dot menu.

5. Duplicate or Delete Comic

If you need to delete a comic for one of your students, first you'll need to click into the classroom that student is in.

Then, you'll need to click on the student's name in blue, this will show you all of that student's comics.

Now, click on the name of the comic that you need to delete and look for the three dot menu near the top right corner of the page.

Now, click open the three dot menu.

Image shows the three dot menu open with the options to Edit, Duplicate or Delete the comic. Now you know how to delete students' comics!