Custom Characters

How To Create Custom Characters

You can create custom characters to use in your comics by following these steps:

1. Enter the comic maker.

2. Select a background.

3. Add a character.

4. Click custom.

5. Choose starting point.

6. Design as you'd like. 

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Hello, I'm happy to show you how to create custom characters for your comics!

Start by choosing a background for your slide and then click into the Characters tab, and click Add Character.

Once you've clicked Add Character, you should see a selection of premade characters as well as a button that says "custom."

Click "custom" to create a custom character.

The first step in creating your custom character is to choose the age and body type of your character.

Your custom character will look like they're in a coloring book before you customize them, with no skin tone or hair color selected.

Time to choose an outfit, I chose this one for my character! The outfit shown is a black and white striped t-shirt with a pink cardigan and black pants.

Once your character is dressed, it's time to choose the shades of their skin and hair.

Now we get to choose the hairstyle!

Image shows two characters talking. "I love this half-up half-down style!" "Me too, you look beautiful!"


For Pro Users

How to create Custom Characters with a Business account: 

1. Click into the "My Characters" tab.

2. Click "Make A Character" or "New Character".

3. Make your design selections.


1. Open comic creator.

2. Go to "Characters" tab.

3. Click "New Character"

4. Make your design selections.

Hello, I'm about to show you how to create custom characters in a Business account!

First you'll need to click into the My Characters tab.

Then you'll need to click Make A Character.

Now you can select the age of the character, and continue on in the design process just like when you created your avatar.

After you click Done, your character will show up in the My Characters tab, and they will be saved there unless you delete them.

You can edit the name of your character by clicking on the name, and that will open a box to type in a new name, then click Save.

Image shows New Character button. Look for this button to create more custom characters!

To use your characters in comics, click into the Characters tab of the comic maker.

You can also create new characters here, in the Characters tab within the comic creator.