How To Add Pets & Creatures To Comics

How to add pets and creatures in your comics

To add a moveable animal or other creature to a panel:

  1. Enter the Comic Maker.
  2. Click the Background tab.
  3. Click on the paw print icon on the right side of the search bar.
  4. Click the creature of your choice; it will appear in your panel. Click-and-drag the creature to move it.

    Are you looking for pets or creatures to add to your comics? I'll show you where to find them! Click on the background tab and then look for the paw print icon to the right of the search bar. When you click that, you'll see all of the animals that are available.We can even change the direction that the pets or animals are facing by clicking one of the arrow buttons.We can even add animal characters! Start on the Characters tab and click Add Character.If you search "animal" in the Character search bar, you'll find human characters wearing animal onesies.You can change the pose and expression and add text bubbles for these characters too! Image shows a child wearing a unicorn onesie, saying "I'm a unicorn!"